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We look for great ideas created and led by extremely driven entrepreneurs. We prefer to be the first investors in a small number of seed rounds each and every year. These early days are about more than just establishing a company and raising more money. They’re when you start making decisions about corporate values, company culture, company goals and the actual team itself.  This is why an investment is about more than just the capital. We bring years of serial entrepreneur and operational experience, a focused team if advisors entrepreneur and a large, supportive team. We will be here to pick up the pho and commit the time to help you achieve greatness. We seek to be early and first. We are leaders and pioneers and look for the same for our investments.
- Founder
“When we believe in your idea and vision, we become committed quickly. Often we write the first large check a company gets. We are not afraid to assume the responsibilities of the lead investor, and we are also happy to co-lead alongside other seed investors”  
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